Finance and Funding

Doing business in a carbon constrained world

Unmatched success in carbon financing

The transition to a greener economy requires new approaches to finance and funding. Brundtland has been at the forefront of this fast developing and innovative field. Based on a wealth of international experience, we assist developers of greenhouse gas mitigation projects with the realisation of additional revenue streams from within the carbon financing environment.

Its unmatched success in the field of carbon finance and funding has not gone unnoticed both locally and globally. It forms the basis of an extensive network within the green funding environment. Building on its track record, Brundtland has successfully assisted clients in attracting funding from public and private investment funds both locally and internationally.

Whether it concerns private or public sector entities, we are perfectly positioned to assist with the finance and funding of their transition towards a low-carbon and greener future.

Carbon Credit Revenue

Having successfully issued and commercialised close to 4 million carbon credits across a wide range of sectors and technologies, Brundtland is by far the most successful carbon revenue generation partner for project developers in the country. We offer a complete suite of services from carbon feasibility studies, monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) to the commercialisation of carbon credits generated under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Gold Standard (GS).

The main services include:

Carbon feasibility study assessment
GHG mitigation project registration support
GHG mitigation project MRV assistance
Carbon Credit commercialisation support

Carbon Tax Offsets

Within the confines of the South African Carbon Tax, a provision exists under which a tax liable entity can reduce its tax burden by offsetting part of its greenhouse gas emissions with eligible carbon credits issued under the CDM, VCS or GS. Having closely followed the development of the Carbon Tax legislation and the Carbon Tax Offset regulations, we provide several services towards the conversion of carbon credits under the CDM, VCS or GS to Carbon Tax Offsets (CTOs) under the South African Carbon Tax.

The main services include:

CTO eligibility assessment
Voluntary cancelation and CTO listing support
CTO utilisation and commercialisation support
Carbon Tax Offsets

GHG Mitigation business cases

When the business case for the implementation of a green project is less attractive than the business-as-usual alternative, we can assist with development of a more attractive business case for the green project by incorporating alternative revenue streams and financing structures. We provide a range of services that improve the business case for investments towards the green economy.

The main services include:

GHG mitigation revenue mapping
Financial modelling
Business case development
Finance and Funding Green Incentives

Green Incentives

Over the last decade, the South African government has deployed a range of policy instruments to incentivise small and large businesses to invest in the transition towards a green, low-carbon economy. Using its in-depth knowledge of the wide range of green issues as well as the way the South Africa’s government intends to address these, Brundtland has successfully assisted project developers in applying for such incentives.

The main services include:

Suitable green incentive identification
Incentive application support (12L, etc.)
REIPPPP bid submission support

Green Funding

In line with global trends, national and foreign financial institutions have developed funding instruments specifically targeting low emission and green economy initiatives. Brundtland has assisted project developers in attracting green funding from local sources (e.g. DBSA, IDC) as well as international sources (e.g. EU, GCF).

The main services include:

Applicable grant and soft loan identification
Local green funding application development support
International green funding application development support