DA180 Environmental Levy Account for Carbon Tax & Annexures

The DA180 Form is the tax return form as part of the Carbon Tax suite of document submissions. The form is completed to include emissions information and carbon tax calculations, and submitted to SARS via eFiling before the end of July each year. The form and all of its annexures are required to be completed for each licensed emissions generation facility. The annexures are each related to different emissions sources and allowances which need to be reported separately in order to calculate total carbon tax liability as per the legislated equation. The annexures included in this document and which require completion are as follows: DA180.01A.1 Fuel Combustion (Stationary), DA180.01A.2 Fuel Combustion (Non-Stationary), DA180.01B.1 Fugitive (Oil and Natural Gas), DA180.01B.2 Fugitive (Coal Mining and Handling), DA180.01C Industrial Process, and DA180.02 Carbon Tax Allowances.

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DA180 Form